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About Us

For thousands of years, herbs and other botanicals have been used throughout the world to effectively treat skin and other physical conditions of the body. Many of these botanical healing products are still used today in numerous cultures to effectively treat disorders of the body. The chemical healing components of many of these plants and herbs are very complex, very difficult and costly to synthesize, and therefore used as is or have the components extracted directly.


Inspired by nature, and utilizing knowledge gained over thousands of years, Great Mother's Goods makes available products that have stood the test of time and emphasizes the highest quality natural botanicals and other ingredients that are beneficial for everybody, environmentally safe, pH balanced, and animal product free.

Great Mother's Goods products are derived from the GREAT MOTHER... our planet earth. They were first introduced in 1991 to nurture women through their bodies' life transitions, but are truly used and enjoyed by every body. All products have been specially formulated to respond to all skin types, especially those that are sensitive. Internationally recognized, all products are known for their healing benefits to the skin.

Produced with ingredients you can trust. Great Mother's Goods uses natural, organic or wildcrafted ingredients. All raw materials are carefully sourced and production is done in small batches to ensure the highest integrity of the finished product. Great Mother's Goods strives to respond to the needs you have for information and products you can trust because they originate in a love for the gifts of health and vitality, which comes from the great mother earth. Great Mother's Goods is committed to bring the highest quality herbal products to you and your loved ones.

Great Mother's Goods manufactures and distributes a growing number of all natural herbal skin care products, including but not limited anti aging skin care products, baby oil, dry skin care products, and our featured product "Belly Butter"® for stretch mark prevention and reduction. If you do not find a product for your requirements, let us know. It may already be in the design phase or could be specially formulated if there is sufficient demand.

Great Mother's Belly Butter® formula for stretch mark prevention was developed in the early 1990's by an herbalist who became pregnant and did not want stretch marks or the incessant itching that accompanies pregnancy. Her diligent research eventually was the creation of the Belly Butter® formula that is essentially unchanged today. She did not get stretch marks nor suffer itching and the rest is history. Great Mother's now markets Belly Butter® around the world providing relief to thousands of pregnant women annually from the bane of stretch marks and the itching that goes with the expansion process.

You can reach us by email at or by using our contact form found here.

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