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Herbal Sitz Bath Methods of Use

Great Mother's Goods Herbal Sitz Bath's formula is full of herbs to assist with the natural healing process during the weeks following the birth experience. Also recommended to assist in the soothing and healing of hemorrhoids; vaginal, bladder and kidney infections; caesarean cuts; episiotomies and bedsores.


Method 1:

  • Take one muslin bag and place it in 2 quarts (liters) of cool water, squeeze the bag enough to saturate the herbs within.

  • With the pot covered, bring the water to a boil for just a moment, turn the heat off and steep the herbs for an hour or so. The longer you steep the bag, the stronger your solution will be.

  • Use one half of the solution for one  bath. (Refrigerate the other half for tomorrow's sitz, heating it up before you add it to your bath). Pour the solution into a bowl or your bathtub and add just enough water to sit in.

  • A peri bottle is also helpful for irrigating yourself if you do not have bathing facilities, or if you wish to douse yourself between  baths.

  • We have found that using the bag as a cool/cold compress between bath feels very soothing. Feel the bag before you use it as a compress to be sure no stray stems will come in contact with your tender areas.

  • You may use less water for your first Sitz Bath to have a more concentrated solution. We suggest one 5 minute sitz per day for several days, but your midwife or doctor may prescribe more.

Method 2:

  • Fill a shallow bath with enough water to cover your hips and buttocks. The water may be cool or warm, whatever your preference.

  • Place a muslin bag in the water and squeeze the bag to saturate the herbs within. Use the bag as a compress and gently press it directly on the  area you wish to soothe. Feel the bag before you use it as a compress to be sure no stray stems will come in contact with your tender areas. 

  • Store the muslin bag in a cup for reuse. The bag used as a cold compress between baths is helpful.

Great Mother's Herbal Sitz Bath Formula Ingredients:  Plantain, Comfrey Leaf, Calendula, Marshmallow Root, Yarrow and Sea Salt

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